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Zircosem-5 is a Zircon based Single Component Inorganic Adhesive Cement mainly used where high electrical insulation and thermal conductivity are of great importance.
Zircosem-5 cures by chemical setting and is most ideal for potting application subject to high temperature and high thermal shocks.
Zircosem-5 is non corrosive and suitable inorganic adhesive cement for bonding applications such as glass to glass, glass to ceramic, ceramic to ceramic, ceramic to metal except Aluminium etc.
Zircosem-5 is in fine dry powder form and needs to be mixed only with clean tap water for various cementing applications.

1 Good electrical resistance
2 Thermal conductive and shock resistance
3 Maximum service temperature 1450°C (2642°F)
4 Easy to mix and apply
5 Ideal for potting application
6 Chemical curing
7 Odorless
8 Main Uses of Zircocem-5
  i) Fixing /Assembly of high intensity Halogen-incandescent lighting bulbs.
  ii) Embedding electrical heating elements.
  iii) Coating resistors and coils.
  iv) Fixing thermocouples.
  v) Sealing parts where high resistance to electricity and thermal shock is required.

Application Procedure
Zircosem-5 Powder should be thoroughly dry mixed before using. Weigh approximately 100 parts of powder and 15-20 parts (or as per consistency required) clean tap water. Place powder in a clean mixing container. Add water to the powder at one time, while mixing do not add water gradually, continue mixing until a smooth uniform tooth paste consistency is obtained. Mixing may be done in slow speed mixer or by hand with a spatula. Required amount of water should be used as per need of application, as excess water reduces mechanical strength, increases shrinkage and setting time. Failure of cement to adhere indicates setting has begun. Discard already mixed cement. Do not attempt to temper it by adding more water etc.

Zircosem-5 can be applied by brush, trowelled, sprayed by adjusting its consistency with suitable amount of water.

Setting / Curing
ZIRCOCEM-5 hardens with an internal chemical setting action after 18-24 Hrs at ambient temp. pot life of Zircocem-5, is approximately 80 minutes at ambient temp. when Zircocem5 powder is mixed with water. However if desired to cure faster we suggest a gentie heat or oven drying upto 110°C (230°F) heat should be given. Avoid steaming while drying.

To obtain maximum bonding strength Proper curing of Zircoeem-5 is most essential. If the cement is exposed to elevated temperature or if there is a constant water immersion or steam environments. To avoid failures proper drying should be done. For high humidity resistance, where it is impractical to heat up the cement, a moisture resistant lacquer or Silicon coating should be applied to the exposed surface.

All equipments used in preparation of adhesive cement should be thoroughly cleaned with soap and water before Zircocem-5 gets cured.

Shelf Life
ZIRCOCEM-5 Powder has safe shelf life of one year, when stored in air tight container in a dry location at ambient temperature.

Typical Properties
1 Colour
Off white
2 Density
2.26 gms/cm3
3 Mixing ratio
Powder : 100gms
      Water   : 10-15 gms
4 Pot Life
80 Minutes at ambient temp.
5 Setting time
4-5 Hrs at ambient temp. depending the thickness of the cure.
6 Curing Time
24 Hrs at ambient temp. depending upon the thickness of the cure. However to accelerate the cure gentle heat upon 110°C (230°F). should be cTiven for 1-2 Hrs.

NOTE : The critical range for drying cement is between 90°C(194°F) to 110°C(230°F) Temperature should be advanced slowly in this range to prevent rapid steam pressure which can cause spalling and disruption of the cement.
1 Linear shrinkage
0.4 - 0.6%
2 Co-efficient of thermal expansion (25°C - 1000°C)
4.32 x 10-6 / °C
3 Compressive Strength
4 Dielectric constant
5 Volume Resistivity (at 25°C)
1.45 x 1011 ohm-cm
6 Dielectric Strength
2165 Volts/mm
7 Tensile Strength
46 Kg/cm2 (654PSI)
8 Max.Service Temp.
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