Shunt reactors are the most compact & cost efficient means of compensating capacitive generation in long transmission high voltage power lines & extendable systems.

Why Steatite ? Steatite ceramic main features are

  • High resistivity.
  • Moderate strength.
  • Excellent electrical insulation properties.
  • Low coefficient of thermal expansion.
  • Good mechanical stability.
  • Economically manufactured to close tolerances & complicated shapes

The heart of every reactor is its core. Precisely ground ceramic spacers are the key to manufacture a high quality core

To produce low noise & low levels of vibrations a very high quality precise core is required, for that ceramic spacer are very precisely ground to parallelism of 0.01mm. These ceramic spacers are tightly glued on top surface of case pocket with special adhesive under vacuum and then subsequently pressed tightly under pressure so as to achieve desired flatness and parallelism on top & bottom surface. Ceramic spacers are manufactured as per customer's specification.

Properties Equivalent To Units Steatite HF-82
Colour -- Off White
Chemical content -- MgO Si O2
Density g/cm3 2.65 - 2.70
Water absorption % 0.00
Porosity % 0.00
Flexural strength Mpa 130
Compressive strength Mpa 850
Vicker’s hardness Hv5Hv 520 - 550
Hardness on Moh’s scale -- 7
Co-efficient of Thermal Expansion (25 - 1000o C) 10-6K-18.5
Safe operating temperature (No load) 1,050
Thermal Shock Resistance (Down Shock)100-150
Thermal Conductivity (25o C) W/M-1 K-1 2.30
Max. Temperature of Operation 1050
Parallelism minimum mm 0.01
Precisely ground steatite ceramic spacer elements ensure limb rigidity for low noise.

Precisely ground space

Ceramic pill capel as core cooley insulator


Ceramic Spacers pasted over cake

Low Noise Shunt Reactor Core

Column stacked

Shunt Reactor

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