Jyoti Ceramic

[In pursuance to Provisions of Section 135 of Companies]

Corporate Social Responsibility is the continuing commitment by business to contribute to economic development for improving the quality of life of local community and society at large. CSR is clearly on capacity bui lding, empowerment of communities, promotion of technologies, development of backward regions and upliftment of under-privileged sections of the society.

Company has decided to contribute towards Corporate Social Responsibility by providing safe drinking facilities, toilets, urinals, washrooms or such equivalent facilities by whatever name called for promoting health care & sanitation and hygiene and facilities to all schools & high schools, old age homes,

orphanage homes, nursing homes for poor, needy & underprivileged people.

CSR covers the entire process by which an organization approaches, defines and develops its relationships with stakeholders for the common good and demonstrates its commitment in this regard by adoption of appropriate strategies and projects.

This policy will apply to all projects/programs undertaken as part of the Company's Corporate Social Responsibility activities and will be developed, reviewed and updated by Committee from time to time. This policy is also in line with the Sec.135 of Companies Act, 2013 and rules specified there under.

CSR Committee Composition

The board of directors of the company has formed the CSR committee in their meeting held on 26th June 2014 for the year 14-15 and the CSR Committee of the Board currently has the following members:

Mr. Deepak Aildas Merani

Mr. Raju Shyam Merani

Mr. Viraf P Deboo

Mrs. Kamla Shyam Merani