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  • Production Facilities
  • Tool Room
  • R & D
  • Quality Assurance
Jyoti Ceramic

Production Facilities

Jyoti has established two manufacturing plants in close proximity to ensure high efficiency in production and quality control. Both plants are well equipped with automatic Uniaxial and Isostatic presses, microprocessor controlled high temperature gas-fired shuttle/tunnel kilns, slip houses with a battery of ball mills, high speed bead mills and micro processor controlled spray dryers

The R&D Lab is equipped with the most modern, hi-tech testing equipments like S.E.M, A.A.S, X.R.D, TG/DTA,E.D.X.R.F, Laser particle size analyzer, cyclic salt spray analyzer, digital measuring microscope & profile projectors and number of high temperature gas and electric sintering kilns, high and low pressure injection molding machines, high pressure CIP machine etc.

Battery of uniaxial and Isostatic Presses

Micro processor controlled high temp.gas fired tunnel Kiln

1800°C High Temperature Bell Type Kiln

300 Ton Powder Compacting Press

Multi Cavity Isostatic Press

150 Ton Multicavity Press

Jyoti Ceramic

Tool Room Facilities

A separate modern engineering workshop assisted with CAD designing facilities, latest generation German, Swiss, Japanese and U.S.A C.N.C., Wirecut, EDM, Milling and Machining centres coupled with traditional machines are dedicated to support fabrication of T.C., Alloy Steel Moulding Tools, Jigs, Fixtures and Special Purpose Machines, Automation Systems and Production Lines.

Experienced engineers and technicians of Jyoti have lent their expertise to meet the captive requirements of the company for designing and fabrication of special purpose machines.

CNC Milling Centre

Wire EDM, Spark EDM

General View of Tool Room

Fast Hole Drilling CNC EDM

Jyoti Ceramic

Research & Development (R & D)

A state-of-the-art R & D laboratory is our backbone. Jyoti Ceramics has a dedicated R&D division manned by qualified and committed scientists from India and abroad. As a team they constantly strive to innovate and better the products offered by the company.

Amongst their many achievements, Zirconox (rare earth stabilized Zirconia ceramic) ZTA(Zirconia Toughened Aluminium) and Duralox 997 (Recrystallized 99.7% Al2O3) high purity Alumina ceramic and Zircoat holds a position of pride.

The R&D Lab is spread over 1000 sq. mtrs. of floor space of world class construction, well equipped with sophisticated apparatus such as microprocessor-controlled electrical and gas fired high temperature 1800ºC lab kilns, Scanning Electron Microscope (S.E.M)., Atomic Absorption Spectrometer (A.A.S.), Thermo Gravity/Differential Thermal Analysis (T.G./D.T.A.), X-ray Diffractometer (X.R.D.), Energy Dispersive X-ray Fluorescence (E.D.X.R.F.), Sedigraph, Laser particle size analyser, Digital hardness tester and pilot composition preparation slip house with lab spray dryer, high speed bead mills, vibro energy mills and ball mills for particle size reduction, and dispersion German make high and low pressure ceramic injection moulding machines, uniaxial and iso-moulding presses etc.

Scanning Electron Microscope (S.E.M.)

Energy Dispersive X-ray Fluorescence (E.D.X.R.F.)

Atomic absorption spectrophotometer (A.A.S.)

Thermo Gravity (T.G.) / Thermal Differential analysis (T.D.A.)


Laser Particle Size Analyser

Jyoti Ceramic

Quality Assurance & Customer Care

At Jyoti, quality consciousness percolates in all areas of operation. At every stage of production, from raw material to finished product to packaging, utmost care is taken so that only the highest quality standards are maintained.

The Quality Assurance Department is led by efficient, technical personnel's. Statistical quality control methods are employed to ensure continued stability in test results. Every consignment that leaves the works carries the batch number, physical properties, dimensional inspection and other reports relative to the product. The company’s focus on quality is evident in the world class products that it manufactures

Jyoti is on the threshold of obtaining ISO certification

The company believes in investing and honing human resources. Help is extended to employees to upgrade their skills and keep abreast with changing technologies to serve customers better. Thus the efforts of the company have won it a loyal customer base.

Bead Crushing, Strength Testing Instrument

Universal Testing Machine (U.T.M.)

Contact free measuring Microscope

Laser Roundness Measuring Instrument

Salt Spray Analyser

High Speed Bead Mill for Wear Test